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Cultural Partners

Centre Pompidou
The national center of art and culture, Georges-Pompidou, arose from the will of President Georges Pompidou to create at the heart of Paris an original cultural institution completely dedicated to the modern and contemporary creation where the plastic arts would be placed next to books, design, music and cinema. Centre Pompidou preserves one of the two more important collections of modern and contemporary art to the world and shelters galleries of temporary exhibitions, theater and cinema, and the BPI, the first reading library of public reading in Europe. Centre Pompidou publishes a unique collection from the works of its collection: by-products of artwork, reproductions, reference books which Arteum distribute exclusively.

Cinémathèque Française
The Cinémathèque française is a private organism financed partially by the State. The Film Archive has for mission the conservation, the restoration and the broadcasting of the film heritage.
With more than 40 000 movies and thousands of documents and of objects linked to the cinema, it establishes the biggest world database on the cinematographic art. Arteum co-publishes by-products stemming from collections and from thematic temporary exhibitions: brown/Blond, Stanley Kubrick, etc.

Foundation Le Corbusier
The Foundation dedicates all its ways to the preservation, to the knowledge and to the distribution of the artwork of Le Corbusier, through in particular to the opening for public and the preservation of the realizations of the architect, the edition, the research and the organization of meetings in connection with the work of Le Corbusier. Arteum publishes exclusively a line of by-products of the plans and the realizations of the French architect.

Foundation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent
The Foundation establishes the continuation of the History of the house Yves Saint Laurent, whose designer activity came to an end on October 31st, 2002. It is established around three main axes: the preservation of 5 000 clothes of fashion design and 15 000 accessories testifying of the history of the fashion house, the organization of temporary exhibitions and the support of cultural and educational actions. The Foundation developed a line of products inspired by the creations of the fashion designer. Arteum is happy to present these products testifying of 40 years of textile revolution.

Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA)
Founded in 1886, the Museum of Indianapolis to the United States shelters a collection of more than 50 000 works of art, attesting the evolution of the artistic creation and presenting numerous temporary exhibitions. Arteum diffuses exclusively in France, all products published from the extraordinary collections of the Museum of Indianapolis.

Keith Haring Foundation
The mission of the Foundation is to support, to develop and to protect the rights on the name and Keith Haring's work. The Foundation finances organizations which act in favor of the protection of the children, the education, the research and the fight against the AIDS virus. Arteum presents an important selection of products created from Keith Haring's work: tableware, stationery, reproductions.

Museum of Louvre
Situated in the antique Palais Royal of Paris, Le Louvre is the biggest museum of the world. Universalist museum, Le Louvre covers a wide geographical chronology and a wide area, that since Antiquity until 1848, from the Western Europe to the Near East. Arteum presents a collection of reproductions realized from the original works of Le Louvre.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
The MoMA is a museum of modern and contemporary art, set up in Midtown Manhattan, in New York since 1929, at the instigation of John D. Rockefeller Jr. Its exhibition space about 11 600 m ² shelters an exceptional collection of modern and contemporary works. Working in close collaboration with young contemporary designers, the MoMA present a range of products innovative by-products inspired by the most beautiful works of the collection. Arteum is one of the exclusive distributor of the collection of the MoMA's products: perpetual calendars, organizers, etc.

Paris Musées
Administrator of 15 municipal museums of the City of Paris, Paris Musées produces the exhibitions, and publishes the catalogs of the permanent collections of the sites of the capital. Arteum distributes a selection of the by-products of the most beautiful works of the collection, the testimony of the rich heritage of Paris and itis history.

Piet Mondrian Trust
The foundation, Mondrian, manages the rights on the creations of Piet Mondrian, and develops the knowledge of the work of the painter. This foundation has for aim to encourage and to support artists' new generations inspired by Mondrian. Arteum distributes exclusively the high-quality products created with the consent of Piet Mondrian Trust.

La Réunion des Musées - RMN
The RMN and the Grand Palais of the Champs-Elysées, is a public institution stemming from the fusion of the RMN and from the Grand Palais, the object of which is the management and the valuation of 34 national museums and their collections, as well as from the Grand Palais of the Champs-Elysées to Paris. In the context of the temporary exhibitions and the cultural events, the La Reunion des Musées publishes and spreads catalogs, books, by-products and products of art.
Partner of the RMN, Arteum present the reproductions of the most beautiful artworks of the RMN: moldings, jewels, realized from the original works.

Van Gogh Museum
The Van Gogh museum opened its doors in 1973 in Amsterdam to present initially the works of the collection of Theo Van Gogh, younger brother of the painter, in a space specially designed by the architect Gerrit Rietveld. The collection of the museum widened over the years thanks to numerous loans, donations and acquisitions. Arteum distributes by-products published by the Van Gogh Museum from the works of the painter preserved in his exceptional collection.

Rodin museum
Established around collections and works bequeathed by very Rodin to the State in 1917, the Rodin museum assures(insures) the preservation and the distribution(broadcasting) of the work of August Rodin (1840-1917). The collections of the Museum collection consisted of 6 600 sculptures, 8 000 drawings, old 8 000 photos and 7 000 works of art are sheltered in the last place of the sculptor, Biron's very beautiful Hotel, situated rue de Varenne in Paris. Arteum presents a selection of reproductions of the most beautiful works of Rodin, realized from the original artwork preserved by the Museum.

**Magritte Museum **
The royal Museums of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Belgium possess the biggest collection to the world of René Magritte's works. Restored in 1984, the Altenloh hotel shelters since 2009 the most important collection in the world of the surrealist painter's works. Arteum is happy to be one of the first partners of this museum by distributing in France the reproductions and the by-products of René Magritte's work.
Vasarely foundation
Unclassifiable, precursory, humanist artist and visionary, Victor Vasarely becomes aware from the end of the 50s of the universality of the art which he wishes accessible to the greatest number of people. He inaugurates in 1976 the Vasarely foundation in Aix-en-Provence, designed as a place of meetings, exchanges and experiments. Thanks to its partnership with the Foundation Vasarely Arteum propose Victor Vasarely's by-products.

A Portée d' Art
A Portée d'Art organizes history of art and history of music courses for all, in Paris. A unique concept. In partnership with A Portée d'Art, Arteum organizes free thematic conferences, once a month on Tuesday evenings.

Odeon-theater of Europe
Carrefour living on the European theatrical creation, Odéon-Théâtre of Europe presents theatrical works belonging to the classic or modern, French and foreign directory, as well as the creation of new works. It favors the work in common film directors, comedians, writers and other European practitioners of the dramatic art. He aims to be a display directory and the European creation.

Niki Charitable Art Foundation
Niki Charitable Art Foundation was created by Niki de Saint Phalle and became officially active after her death. It represents the personal collection of the artist, more than 1000 sculptures and 5000 graphic works of art.
The Foundation keeps its work and his archives, and holds detains intellectual property rights for the latter. The Foundation plays the role of link and contact point for all the projects associated to Saint Phalle's Niki. Of its collection, the Foundation returns its available works for museums worldwide, within the framework of exhibitions.
From 2000 till 2002, Niki made generous donations at the same time to the Museum Sprengel from Hanover to Germany, and to the MAMAC of Nice, in France. Together, these donations include approximately 500 sculptures and 500 graphic works. Niki donated, partially, to facilitate the creation of itinerant exhibitions to make sure that the public is able to see and to appreciate his art. The Foundation completed these donations by lending other works of art of Niki of saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely.

Les Arts décoratifs
Original and plural institution, The Decorative arts pursue the objectives which presided over their foundation, " to maintain in France the culture of the arts which pursue the realization of the beautiful in the useful " and maintain narrow links with the industrial world, establishing numerous partnerships with companies exercising their activities in varied domains.

Tate Modern
Tate Modern is the museum which groups the collections of contemporary art of Tate since his opening on May 12th 2001. It is located in the center of London, to Bankside, in the district of Southwark, on the right bank of the Thames. The collection is organized around a series of thematic routes, rather than in a chronological way. Tate Modern displays seven levels dedicated to the artistic creation of the XXth and XXIth centuries, among which two dedicated in permanent exhibitions. An extension plans for the Olympics of 2012.

** The British Museum**
The collections of British Museum are comprised of more than seven million objects testifying of the history, and the creation since the Prehistory in our days. Based in 1753, British Museum counts six million visitors a year and displays as the busiest place of interest of Great Britain. His collection of products leaves original works of the collection to propose to the public of the high-quality realizations going antique civilizations to the creations of the artists of the XXth century.

Media Partners

Created in 1991 to introduce young people to art, the Dada magazine is the reference reading of the small enthusiasts. Arteum and Dada invite children from age 7, during workshops, to discover a major artist who makes the news, his work and its way of working. Thus, they have the opportunity to learn varied techniques: paint, drawing, folding, collage, watercolor, etc...

Connaissance des arts
Created in 1952, Connaissance des arts (meaning knowledge of arts in english) is the first French monthly magazine dedicated to art and to the cultural current events. Thanks to the diversity of its publications, the magazine gives to his readers all the essential marks to understand better the art of all the times, the archaeology in the contemporary creation, the art of gardens in the photography, the design in the architecture. Partner of Connaissance des Arts, Arteum distributes the monthly publications, special thematic and the edition "Photo" and receives every month on its internal site the current events of the big exhibitions in a dedicated section animated by the editorial team of Connaissance des Arts.

The concept is simple: propose in free listening free of charge and legally all the musics, the rock in the hip-hop via the jazz, the electro music or the music of the world ... At the same time, it is a question of paying the artists and the set of the legal successors by sharing the advertising income. The online catalog proposes 7 million titles with more than 15 million users. Deezer is in listening in all Arteum's stores with a plays list specially compound, and resolutely trendy.

To offer families all the ideas of leisure activities to be made with children and in family according to the region, to the age of the children, the calendar, the weather report, it is in the mission of Allofamille. allows to choose: "What activities to do with the children, where and when? In Partnership with Allofamille, Arteum propose to families an artistic, educational and cultural offer in connection with the current events.

Arts Magazine
Arts magazine is a newspaper which aims to be accessible, pleasant and didactic. A monthly meeting which makes bounce in the current life the ancient, classic, modern and contemporary arts, for a real moment of culture and pleasure. Arteum proposes regularly to his customers of the offers of subscriptions to preferential rates.

Paris Mômes
Paris Mômes is a cultural guide and of leisure activities aimed the children from 0 to 12 years old. In partnership with Paris kids, Arteum publish a selection of lithographies create specially by the illustrators of the magazine.

Le Musée en herbe
The Musée en Herbe is a museum initially created for children, located in the heart of Paris. It offers visits and workshops for every age: from 3 to 103 years, everyone can discover and learn about art by having fun. Arteum joins to the Musée en Herbe to offer educational workshops and guided tours in connection with its current events and the exhibitions of the museum.