Gustav Klimt

Trained at the Applied Arts School, Gustav Klimt worked for a while as a designer along with his two brothers. But his style quickly got rid of scholar rules and he was progressively inspired by the Arts in Ravenna (mosaic), Japanese prints and symbolism. He became the leader of the “Vienna Secession movement”. His decorative cycles “The Kiss”,”The Beethoven Frieze… and his paintings, portrayals or landscapes are striking because of their deep ornamental backgrounds and the accuracy of the faces. What we remember from this painter are his feminine characters that appear before us as if we were just waking up from a fuzzy dream. Even though some of his works might have shocked because of their erotic and morbid connotation ("The Hope", for instance), others made him the embodiment of renewal in monumental art with his decorative exuberance.

TOTAL : 12 art.

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