Roy Lichtenstein

In the late 50’s, whereas America was still highly marked by the abstract impressionism of Jackson Pollock or Mark Rothko, Pop art exploded under the leadership of individual movements by using popular culture in order to produce artworks (ordinary objects, consumer products, advertising images, child comics…). If Andy Warhol relied on Marilyn Monroe or on a Campbell can, Lichtensein found his inspiration in American comics (stylized characters, black outlines, saturated colors) in order to create his most well known pieces like ‘Look Mickey!’ (1961) or ‘Whaam!” (1963). Easily remarkable, they are characterized by their great irony concerning American symbols (blond heroines with too much make-up, car accidents...) displaying, under a deceptive shallow form, the true face of a highly subversive artist.

TOTAL : 4 art.

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