Philippe Matine

After communication studies, Philippe Matine started his professional career in advertising at 22. In the meantime, he tried not to forget his two passions: trips and comics. After years of reflection, he finally defined a mean of expression that enabled him to reconcile both of his centers of interest and started by creating a few images. They were all constructed around the same pattern: in every landscape, there are hidden stories, wanting to puzzle and catch the attention of the audience. A genuine graphic treaty, inspired from the clear line but having its own energy, offers a scene, a balloon that escapes from a window or a car, giving the audience the control of the history that it has to continue by itself. Puzzling or funny, disturbing or bizarre, this history is personal. Stimulated by the positive feedbacks from designer artists, he created his first paintings in 2005. Numbered limited editions, special care to the quality of the supports, ultra accurate printings take part in a genuine artwork, both accessible and unexpected.

Today, the urban universe from Paris to San Francisco, from New York to Miami compose a colored and original collection that fully expresses itself in spectacular large formats. Single frames and histories revealed in a quick look…

TOTAL : 25 art.

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