Aquarellum Phospho Cosmos
Aquarellum Phospho Cosmos

Aquarellum Phospho Cosmos

Package Contents :

  • 2 masked illustrations of 25 x 32,5 cm - 7 watercolour inks - 1 paint brush - 1 palette - 1 pipette - 1 set of instructions

Discover the cosmic magic of these two illustrations by adding colour to glow in the dark galaxies!

The Aquarellum PHOSPHO collection was specially designed for the 20th anniversary of the Aquarellum range. After the illustrations are coloured in, the magic will last a little longer thanks to the phosphorescent masked outline... Once the lights are out, the outlines will brightly glow in the dark!
This arts & crafts activity invites artists of all ages to let their imagination wander to create their first watercolour masterpiece.

Kids, Arts and crafts, MUSEES, Cité des sciences et de l'industrie - Palais de la découverte

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