Optique Et Lumiere
Optique Et Lumiere

Optique Et Lumiere

Package Content:

  • 1 solar panel that can light a white diode and a UV diode - 1 turntable connected to a motor - 1 diode box - 1 self-assembly kaleidoscope - 1 mirage box (mirascope) - 1 optical fiber - 3D images - 1 pair of 3D glasses - 4 color inks - 1 pipette - 1 brush - 1 mirror - 10 optical tests - 1 illustrated booklet

Reveal your soul as a scientist and discover the supreme powers of light through 25 experiences.

An innovative kit to discover the magic of light, its power over colors and images. Why is the sky blue and the sunset orange? How to use the energy of the sun? Why is the color of the screens not the same as that of the papers? How to make a rainbow, a kaleidoscope, or how to communicate with friends through fiber optics? As many questions as we ask and which we will finally find answers.

A perfect educational science game to do experiments.

Kids, Arts and crafts, MUSEES, Cité des sciences et de l'industrie - Palais de la découverte

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