La préparation du danseur

sold by Opéra national de Paris


Train to achieve excellence in all forms of dance
Eric Franklin, a true pioneer of visualization in the service of physical training, explains to us in this new book how to improve our technique and our performances in all forms of dance, by strengthening the center of our body while improving our coordination, our balance, alignment and flexibility. This innovative method thought to free the body and perfect the movements allows to obtain a better elevation without tension, deeper folds, higher jumps, more precise turns, as well as an amplified extension and opening, all for less effort.

The innovative techniques in this book have proven themselves and the exercises on offer will help all dancers to maximize their mind-body preparation. Coupled with a good visualization technique, the work of the muscles, through gestures and amplitudes of movements meeting the requirements of the form of dance practiced, makes it possible to enrich the capacities of execution.

An essential work for all dancers and for all those who work in the field of ideo-motor training.


Author : Eric Franklin