Noureev Une Vie

sold by Opéra national de Paris


Rudolf Nureyev (1938-1993), the most celebrated dancer of the second half of the 20th century, had everything for him: beauty, genius, charm and sex appeal. No other dancer has caused so much excitement around him.

Julie Kavanagh explores the life and destiny of the "Lord of Dance": her childhood, her formative years at the Kirov school in Leningrad, her controversial flight from the USSR in 1961, her relationship with the Danish dancer Erik Bruhn, her collaboration with the dancer Margot Fonteyn at the Royal Ballet in London, his meetings with choreographers such as Balanchine, Robbins or Graham, his role as ballet director at the Paris Opera, his last years and his death in 1993, from AIDS .

It is also the ambiguity of the character that this work reveals: if he danced like a god, his behavior was of a rare violence. Nureyev liked to portray himself as a barbaric invader. Didn't the choreographer Jerome Robbins say about him: "Rudi is an artist, an animal and a bastard"? The very definition of the sacred monster.

Between the dancer full of grace and the acrimonious man, this biography sheds light on a myth.


Author : Julie Kavanagh