Verdi L'insoumis

sold by Opéra national de Paris


Verdi is a composer for our time. Mysteriously, he carries, like his work, traits that characterize our time. Not only aesthetic, but also moral and, in a sense, political. Verdi, throughout his operas, speaks of the humiliated, the offended, the underprivileged; it gives voice to what social humiliation arouses: anger, fear, and therefore the desire for revenge, the instinct for sacrifice, the idealistic taste for lost causes, the greed for power.
No other opera composer has made the deep impulses of wounded souls heard so powerfully, for the simple reason that Verdi felt them in his flesh, has tested them in his life as a man. So his operas continue, today even, to tear the veil of conventions and easy accommodations, while we still live under the empire of these conventions, prejudices, appearances. Verdi was an angry man, a nonconformist sometimes pushing to the point of cruelty the expression of his indignation or his rage when faced with certain situations.
It is this fundamental insubordination in the face of the injunctions of fashion, censorship and propriety, which gives his work the power that allowed him to cross time and to meet our beans and our revolts today.

Sylvain Fort delivers here a portrait of this insurgent which is not without echoes with the state of our contemporary societies.



Sylvain Fort
Editions Robert Laffont