La Fabrique des jeux vidéo : au cœur du gameplay

sold by Cité des sciences et de l'industrie


The back of the scenery and the mechanisms of the universe of video games finally unveiled!
Under the direction of Olivier Lejade, French game designer and Mathieu Triclot, philosopher, curators of the exhibition with E. Viennot, S. Bura, R. Garfield, N. Clark, C. DeLeon, C. Bachellerie, T. Gaon, O. Mauco, D. Cook, P. Cardoso-Leite, D. Bavelier, C. Bell, the Media Molecule studio, V. Berry, S. Coavoux, S. Rufat, H. Ter Minassian, E. Castronova.
18 French and foreign game designers, from the independent scene, offer a new look at the design, the realization and the graphics of the video game, but also on the playful attitude. So many fundamental subjects that enlighten us on the way in which the video games transform the real 2013 coedited with the Editions of La Martinière.


Paperback, 200 pages, 300 illustrations

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