Ladders Game
Ladders Game

Ladders Game

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The box contains 16 ladders.
Made in Spain of compressed cardboard.

Stack and intertwine Las Escaleras (The Ladders) to create arrangements that are surprising for their beauty and audacious for their gravity-defying balance. You can play alone or with friends making it a challenge to place the ladder in a way that makes it almost impossible for the next player to add a ladder without collapsing the structure. The combinations you can create and the games you can devise with these ladders are as infinite as the imagination.

Comes in book format gift box. Ages 8 and up. Pico Pao is a workshop with history of craftsmanship dating back to 1979. From their studio nestled in the mountains of Lubian, Spain, their artisans have created beautifully made games that are simple in their lack of defined rules but complex in the abstract thinking they encourage.

Kids, Construction toys

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