Perfumed Candle - Rose de France

sold by Musée de l'Armée - Invalides


Perfumed Candle 180g (~40 hours). Vegetable wax based. Cotton wick. Rose de France plunges us into the refinement of the Renaissance with a subtle scent of Damascena Rose shrouded in a benzoin's balsamic fragrance brought back from the kingdom of Siam.
The use of rose extracts can be tracked back to the antiquity. It spread in Europe in the time of the Crusades, when knights brought back aromatic plants and spices from the Orient. This passion for fragrances spread throughout France during the Renaissance with the reign of King François First (1494-1547). The rose, symbol of perfection, was then one of the most popular scents.


50 hours
Weight: 525g

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