Pateres Hélène-Auguste-Philibert-Sully

sold by Musée des Arts Décoratifs DesignerAtelier Emmaüs


Hélène, Auguste, Philibert and Sully form a set of four hooks that can be used together or separately in an entrance or bedroom. Hat, bag, jacket... everything hangs on them.
These hooks are made in our workshop-school in Lyon, from "scraps of scraps": small pieces of wood derivatives discarded by craftsmen's workshops (round pieces). There are also old wooden window stiles taken from deconstruction sites (long pieces).

The first name of the peg Hélène is a tribute to the history of Emmaus: Hélène Larmier made the 1954 uprising of kindness possible by lending her Parisian hotel to accommodate the donations that arrived en masse. Each of our hooks is unique and meticulously crafted to order at the end of the calendar quarter. Count a maximum delay of 3 months before shipment. Our deliveries take place at the end of March, end of June, end of September and end of December (before Christmas).


Please indicate your choice when purchasing:
-Hélène: Blue
-Auguste: Yellow
-Philibert: Green
-Sully: Wood-Red

Design : Studio 5.5
Dimensions: diameter: 7 cm / depth: 10 cm