Couture VIII Gérald Vatrin

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Gérald Vatrin is one of those artists who embodies the new energy of French contemporary glass. His works are the fruit of a personal adventure: they reflect both his training, his artistic background, and a sharing of cultures influenced by his travels to Africa and Australia.Her sculptures are both disturbing in their beauty and fascinating. Like chiseled fruits or sublime planets, they reveal stunning glass microcosms. Like so many windows opening onto strange landscapes, each work of art opens up a world of visual and tactile sensations. Gérald Vatrin's work has been awarded numerous prizes, including the Tin Medal of the Société Académique des Arts, Sciences et Lettres de Paris in 2015, and the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris in 2001.

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Black blown glass, white enamel, leather braidingWidth: 30 cmHeight: 20 cmDepth: 29 cm