Spindle Rocket "Take-off with plume"

sold by Musée de l'Armée - Invalides


Carefully designed and embroidered, our brooches are the indispensable accessory of elegance... Even in their box in cardboard and velvet! Carrying messages and attention, they know how to seduce on all occasions.
In the beginning: the drawings are born from Mary's neat pencil, which leaves nothing to chance. The next step: Anne-Laure's expert work launched the conceptualization of the product. Always keen to promote specific know-how, Marie and Anne-Laure have restored to the style of the day the embroidery with the cane thread, borrowed from the military badges.


It is in Pakistan, with exceptional craftsmen, that M&L chose to work with this very old technique, which appeared in Europe and Asia in the seventeenth century. A traveler and eager to find the best, the French brand also uses a mechanical embroidery workshop in Portugal, and a Rwandan workshop for the technique of needle painting.