ALPHA 1 Robot
ALPHA 1 Robot

ALPHA 1 Robot


The perfect companion for your family
Sold at an extremely competitive price considering the quality of its technology, Alpha 1S will delight children and adults (from 14 years). The main objective of this humanoid robot is the introduction to programming. Alpha is able to reproduce all human movements! You can dance with him, playing sports with this new fitness coach or teach him to tell stories to your children.

Alpha 1S UBTECH is a humanoid completely programmable via smartphone or computer for fans of robotics to an educational framework, adapts to all levels! With 16 servomotors he made a lot of movement, perfect for play or improve your programming.

Learn from your robot; it will demonstrate yoga moves, exercise moves, kung fu moves, dancing, and much more! Download and share your content with other users
Alpha 1S App to control your robot (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth 4.0
16 Patent Servo, Alpha 1S is highly flexible and can move just like a human
Free software to program your robot on UBTECH website. 3D visual PC software for complete beginners and advanced programmers. User friendly GUI Interface to maximize your personal experience.
Free creative content to upload to your robot on UBTECH website

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