M4A2 Sherman "Division Leclerc" model

sold by Musée de l'Armée - Invalides


The Sherman is the average American tank produced the most during World War II:
nearly 55,000 copies are made in very different versions. The M4 Sherman medium tank formed the backbone of the Allied Armored Force. The five main variants of M4 to M4A4 are differentiated mainly by the type of body, the barrel, and the engine used. The M4A2, have a General Motors diesel engine with 13.7 liters of displacement, the GM 6-71.
Although having a 75mm gun outperformed by panzer guns, the M4 compensates for this imbalance by its mobility, reliability and especially its numerical superiority. Standard Allied tank, the Sherman will be used on all fronts until the end of the conflict. It will play a vital role during the Landing of 1944 and during the Battle of Normandy.


Motorization: GM 6-71
Crew: 5 men
Mass: 31.8 tons
Length: 5.92 m
Height: 2.74 m
Width: 2.62 m
Shield: Min: 25 mm / Max: 89 mm

75 mm Canon M3
MG HB M2 .50 caliber machine gun
2 MG Browning M1919 A4 .30 caliber machine guns

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