Silk Painting Japanese Garden Scarf

sold by Musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac


After having placed and stretched the silk scarf on the frame (the box), we gently put, using the brush, the colors defined or chosen between the contours of the drawings "Japanese Garden" already present.
The magic operates at the tip of the brush: after straining the silk scarf (predesigned) on the frame, the colors are gently brushed and can not spin through the contours.
We attach to the hair dryer and there is more to wear the scarf or to offer it!


Size of the scarf and unfolded box: 83 x 24 cm
Design: Charlotte Gastaut

Contents: 1 silk scarf, 1 box frame, 1 wheel of 40 pearly pins, 1 brush, 5 bottles of ink, 1 explanatory booklet in color.

From 7 years old.

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