Les Catacombes vues par Nadar
Les Catacombes vues par Nadar

Les Catacombes vues par Nadar

Author : Félix Nadar

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Inventor in 1861 of a process of photography under artificial light, Nadar undertakes to advertise it by photographing underground and fantasy places in Paris. These are first Catacombs, these "places where, everyone wants to be gone and where no one will return", then, shortly after, the Sewers of Paris, the "black rendezvous of the immense nothingness". For several months, in difficult technical conditions, he will take dozens of photographs of these places. He will then publish the story of his visits and his photographic experiments.

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18,5 x 0,6 x 11,5 cm
MUSEES, Catacombes de Paris, Lifestyle, Librairie Catacombes

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