Médecine, tout prédire ?
Médecine, tout prédire ?

Médecine, tout prédire ?

By Lise Barnéoud
Co-publication Belin / City of Science and Industry, 2015, 80 pages, 21x24 cm,

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Want to understand? Need some explanation? Give your opinion of the growing medical practices: those of predictive medicine, whose goal is not to cure diseases, but to prevent them from occurring.

Cancers, obesity, diabetes, addictions, violent behavior: what can or can not predict predictive medicine? And at what cost? - Genetic tests, predisposition tests: what do they bring? And what is their reliability? - Improvement of prevention, personalization of treatments: what benefits can we expect from predictive medicine? - What are the limitations and risks of this predictive medicine? Discover the answers to these questions with graphic and easy-to-read double pages. Unbiased analysis of debates and diversity of opinions through interviews with leading experts.

Lifestyle, Library, MUSEES, Cité des sciences et de l'industrie - Palais de la découverte

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