Vizir Napoleon Cuddly toy
Vizir Napoleon Cuddly toy

Vizir Napoleon Cuddly toy

On the posterior left thigh of this horse, there is the mark of the imperial stables: the letter N, the monogram of the emperor, surmounted by the imperial crown.

Collection for Musée de l'Armée - Invalides


Vizier, the story of an imperial mount
It was in 1802 that Napoleon Bonaparte received from the Ottoman Sultan Selim III a present
diplomatic: a superb gray stallion named Vizir.
Napoleon mounts Vizier on the battlefields of Jena or Eylau, during the campaigns of Prussia and
Poland (1806-1807). The Emperor appreciates him as he takes him into exile on the island of Elba between 1814 and 1815.
Vizir is one of the ten horses of the Imperial Stables that are considered to be "of the rank of Sa
Majesty ". It serves as a model for many painters of the First Empire for equestrian portraits or
battle scenes. After thirteen years of service, he is taken in by a former stables squire
Imperial, and dies at the exceptional age of 33, in 1826.
Vizir is then naturalized and its remains change owners several times in a political context unfavorable to the Empire, affecting its good conservation. After a passage in a quasi-clandestinity in England, it is installed in the Museum of Sovereigns in the Louvre Palace, then enters the collections of the Museum of the Army when it was created in 1905. Since then, Vizir is kept a few steps of the Dome des Invalides, where his former master rests.

MUSEES, Musée de l'Armée - Invalides

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