Fleur de sel nature
Fleur de sel nature

Fleur de sel nature

Country of origin: Madagascar
Storage conditions: Protected from heat, moisture and light.
Allergen: No allergen
Shelf life: 10 years
Ingredient: Fleur de sel

Nutritional values
(averages for 100g)

Calories: 0 Kcal
Fat: 0 g
AGS: 0 g
Sodium: 38.76 g
Carbohydrates: 0 g
Sugars: 0 g
Fibers: 27 g
Protein: 0 g
Calcium: 2%
Iron: 2%


Harvested by the Vezo, Malagasy fishing people, Ifaty's fleur de sel is pure and immaculate. It is used as a finishing touch on all your dishes!

The flower of salt: "natural treasure of the big island"
Nicknamed "Africa in the eyes of Asia", Madagascar is the island of giant trees, strange animals and indigo blue lagoons. The Ifaty salines are located in a small paradise in the south-west of the island, far from any pollution.
The Vezo, a semi-nomadic fishing people lives there in symbiosis with the lagoon. These "gypsies of the sea" unfortunately see their resources diminish, and turn to the exploitation of the other treasure of the seas: the flower of salt.

The flower of salt, salt marsh nectar!
The fleur de sel crystals that make up this mixture are more delicate than the coarse salt crystals. The lighter, finer texture of Ifaty's fleur de sel makes it easier to penetrate food and dissolve faster. The fleur de sel from the Malagasy salt works is the result of delicate craftsmanship and ideal climatic conditions. It is on the surface of the basins that this thin layer of white crystals is formed, during the evaporation of water, under the combined action of sun and wind.

Recipe of gambas & fleur de sel from Madagascar

Enjoy grilled prawns with Ifaty's fleur de sel.
Close your eyes
You are on a dream beach with the Vezo people ...

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