Atmosphere Philippe Matine 50X40 Cm
Atmosphere Philippe Matine 50X40 Cm

Atmosphere Philippe Matine 50X40 Cm

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50 x 40 cm
Numbered edition
Print on art paper alone
Epson Cold Press Natural art paper 300gr / m² with 1.5mm mat (Digigraphy Quality)


Philippe Matine, by reworking the contours, the colors of his photographs, sublimates the atmospheres of the places he immortalizes by the digital process, freezes them out of time, out of history, to tell a story.
Adding for each captured view a phrase thrown in the air, as captured in the intimacy of the scene, it introduces a contrast between private and public space, and reminds us that behind each facade, each monument, evolve and pulsate beings, knots and unravels daily dramas. His works thus borrowed from the comics their humorous universe, their retreat, their language for all.

Born in France / Lives and works in Paris
After studying communication, he began his professional career in advertising at 22 years old. Along with this busy job, he has two passions, travel and comics. A self-taught graphic artist, after a slow process of maturation, he defines a mode of expression that allows him to reconcile these two centers of interest and first conceives some images. They are built around a simple concept: in any landscape, urban or otherwise, stories are hidden and they just hang, intrigue the viewer. A graphic treatise inspired by the clean line but possessing a clean energy poses a scene, a bubble that escapes from a window or a car and the spectator holds the first thread of a story that he then imagines alone. Intriguing or funny, disturbing, wacky or romantic this story belongs to everyone. Encouraged by the positive reception of some graphic artist friends, he made his first paintings in 2005 using a set of entirely digital techniques. Today, the urban worlds from Paris to San Francisco, from New York to Miami, from London to Venice or Rome, make up a colorful and original collection that expresses itself in large and spectacular formats.
Single Frames, or stories in one image ...

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