Cabane sur l'eau - Sophie Griotto - 70X110Cm
Cabane sur l'eau - Sophie Griotto - 70X110Cm

Cabane sur l'eau - Sophie Griotto - 70X110Cm

Limited edition, numbered 49 copies and signed.
Art print.
Digigraphie on fine art paper epson.


Sophie expresses through this series the need felt by the urban woman to escape at times from the effervescence of her urban life and to relax.

Born in 1975 in Alès, in the south of France.

His artistic journey began at the Applied Arts of Nîmes, then Toulouse. It is through a famous Parisian advertising agency that it sharpens its line, its aestheticism. And first of all as a storyboarder, she started freelancing in 1998. Drawing notably the films of Dior or Jean-Paul Gaultier ...

In 2003, she began an illustrator career. His heart swings between fashion illustration, press and the world of childhood, materials, and poems. She sails today between these two worlds. Her eye is sensitized by the contemporary woman. It is by seeking the accessory and attitude that accentuates its personality and originality. She likes to define the contours by the void. The reliefs and colors are highlighted by the materials of the fabric. She attaches great importance to the patterns and folds of the fabric. In 2013, it appears in the art book "100 Illustrators" Taschen editions, which lists the 100 world illustrators of the moment. Taschen also notes his work in the book "Illustration Now, Fashion!".

In 2014, he was entrusted with the decoration of an upscale hotel, rue de la Paix, Place Vendôme district in Paris. Unique creations are thus edited in wallpapers in each suite and room of life of the Hotel. The Rayz Hotel, Private Suites opened in February 2015.

In 2016, she finds the path of exhibitions. She now exhibits her originals, her personal work, her graphic and preparatory research in galleries. A sale in Drouot allowed him to acquire a quotation on Artprice.

Gallery, Paintings
Sophie Griotto

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