Leon Leia Nails 40X50 Cm



Greg Léon Guillemin Born in 1967 in Eaubonne

Reside and work in the Paris region Superheroes, acid colors, an unmatched sense of derision: this is the unique signature of Greg Guillemin, aka Leon for the intimate. From comics from his childhood, Leon captured the traits of our favorite heroes, whom he amuses himself with diverting with the mischief of a Peter Pan, from Marvel to Walt Disney. From his creative past to a communications agency, Greg Léon Guillemin has kept the sense of the chic and shocking image that impacts and holds the attention at first glance. Popular among both the general public and the publishing world, the prolific SLOH (Secret Life of Heroes) series is a testament to this successful mix of genres: Catwoman, renamed Cat Pacifier, nonchalantly tasted a lollipop while Mr. Clean stains his t-shirt ketchup ... Digital culture and news constantly enrich the repertoire and inspiration of Greg Léon Guillemin, whose work also has a great part in social networks and is made echo of social phenomena, like its #metoo exhibited at the 2018 edition of the Urban Art Fair. Initially digital, the creations of Greg Léon Guillemin come alive on canvas since 2013 according to a mixed technique that combines rigorous solid colors of acrylic stencils and other color bombs borrowed from Street art. Pop art artist and figurehead Geek art, Greg Léon Guillemin, with around fifty exhibitions around the world, is now a reference artist who has not finished yet to book us some nice surprises ...


Available under 10 days.

40 x 50 cm
Numbered edition
Print on art paper alone

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