Eboy Mia 121X80Cm



Born in Germany / Live and work in Sweden, Scandinavia and Canada
Eboy was founded in 1997 by three German friends: Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr. Their idea was to explore all emerging digital art forms using the pixel for artistic purposes. Their work is based on pixelated individual forms that they modulate to create a unique representation. Each of the characters and scenes are created piece by piece by the three artists, each bringing his own touch and originality. Nowadays, the Eboy collective, undisputed master of the discipline, has become an international media icon to which the most important companies have appealed for their communication projects. "The screens of our computers have become windows open to a second reality, we all see pixels all day!"


Available under 10 days.

121 x 80 cm
Edition in Open Series
Poster laminated
Laminated Poster on Black PVC - Glossy Finish

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