Nie 629 Francoise Nielly 150X100Cm



We must redo the human face! This is the injunction that Antonio Artaud addressed to painters in 1947. The artist awakens in the field of the human face what Artaud calls "an old revolutionary claim" that has not yet found its shape. The paintings of Françoise Nielly are the proof. Life, by force, is revolutionary. And it has never been so necessary to call him back. To the cohort of pale and sad faces of our contemporaries, whose every vitality seems to have been sucked by the obscene debauchery of media images, Francoise Nielly opposes, imposes on the sight, these portraits, each of which, from a different angle, but each repeated, exposes the violent face of life. / Contemporary Art Painting - NIE 629 - by Nielly
Born in Marseille / Lives and works in Paris
Education: Fine Arts and Art Deco Prep.
After a first career as illustrator and photographer in advertising, Françoise took the turn of painting fifteen years ago to reinvent the work of portrait painter. His artistic signature, faces in tight framing, made with oil and knife, all in color. Painting is her spine, which makes her live, keeps her upright. In her own way, she recreates the human face in each of her paintings, with knocks, with knives, scars on her face. The bursts of life that emerge from his paintings pass suddenly with the canvas. The color is launched like a projectile. Fluorescent paint, fundamental element of these creations since the origin, brings a double reading of the original work according to its natural lighting with or ultraviolet


Available under 10 days.

150 x 100 cm
Limited edition, numbered and signed to 25 copies
Canvas print only
Digigraphie on Canvas Epson Premium Satin 350gr / m²

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