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Jeff Koons
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The exhibition "Jeff Koons Mucem. Works from the Pinault Collection", conceived in close collaboration with the American artist, will bring to Marseille some of his most celebrated works, exploring the relationship between Koons's artworks and popular objects, photographs and documents from the Mucem's immense collection, which is considered a unique reference in this field.
Widely regarded as one of the most influential living artists, Jeff Koons (born 1955, York, Pennsylvania, USA) draws artistic inspiration from everyday life and objects in contemporary American culture. Reinterpreting the concept of the Duchampian readymade, Koons questions the very concept of a work of art. The artist's passion for everyday items, alongside the Mucem's extensive collection, create the perfect stage for a stimulating cultural dialogue.
Starting from 2002, the Popeye sculptures include depictions of inflatable dolphins, lobsters, and monkeys. the artist's clarity of vision and commitment to an almost clinical level of meticulousness in his artistic process are wholly evident in Lobster. While Lobster has the appearance of a genial plastic exterior, the mirror-polished stainless steel of which it is made is also the material basis for many impeccable works of Minimalist sculpture. A complex, multilayered piece, Lobster is both a replica of a commercial product that is made for the sole purpose of bringing joy and a stunning, technically perfect sculpture with a sophisticated philosophical and art historical orientation.

This crochet lobster from Anne Claire Petit brand is unique as it is 100% handmade. The organic cotton is dyed according to the specific colour schemes to ensure the desired intensity. Most of the detailed work of Anne-Claire Petit is hand-crocheted by women living in the countryside villages of Nothern China.

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