History and dictionary of Paris (VF)

This book is the synthesis of thousands of books and articles published on Paris. It contains a political, economic, social, religious and intellectual history of the capital as well as a chronology of events that have taken place there over the past two thousand years. A thematic dictionary deals with all aspects of Parisian life, from "Abattoir" and "Bee" to "Zone", whether it be administrative life ("Mayor", "Provost", "City Sergeant"), urban planning ("Alignment", "Subdivision", "Street (aspect, width and layout of the)"), health ("Assistance publique", "Peste", "Syphilis", "Variole"), food ("Echaudé", "Fromage", "Restaurant", "Vin"), festivals ("Bœuf gras", "Carnaval", "Entrée royale", "Feu de la Saint-Jean") or daily life ("Apache", "Argot", "Gamin", "Tout-Paris", "Usage"). A research guide allows those interested in the history of Paris to easily find their way through the maze of archives, libraries and other documentation centers. It also offers a selection of the main works classified by subject, which will greatly facilitate research. Special chapters are reserved for types of documents that are particularly difficult to locate and use, such as maps and plans, handwritten or engraved illustrations and photographs. In addition, a detailed Filmography lists several hundred films with Paris as their theme or setting; an Index makes it possible to find in the text the names of people or places and the subjects treated.
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Author: Alfred Fierro
Publisher: Robert Laffont

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