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Lady Snowblood is the cult manga, featuring a terrible story of revenge mixed with sword fighting, which inspired Quentin Tarantino to the story of "Kill Bill" !!
Around 1870, Japan instituted what would then be considered a "death tax", namely the conscription of all able-bodied men to create a powerful army, symbol of strong nations. Faced with the generalized rebellion, the Japanese authorities send recruiters dressed in white to the villages. This color then becomes a symbol of death and provokes peasant uprisings. It is in this context that Sayo's husband and son are murdered and the young woman imprisoned. Out of revenge, she decides to conceive and give birth to a child who will become her avenging arm. Unfortunately, she will die in childbirth giving life to a girl: Yuki, who, as her only inheritance, will receive beauty ... but above all revenge as her sole raison d'être. Educated by a grand master of the sword, Yuki will follow her destiny and become Lady Snowblood, a formidable professional slayer whose charm will be as dangerous as the sword!

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Author biography: Kazuo Koike, Kazuo Kamimura
Born in 1936 in Akita Prefecture, Japan. He began his career in 1968 as an assistant for the manga "Golgo 13". It is in 1970 that he will know the favors of the public with the series "Lone Wolf and Cub", drawn by Goseki Kojima. He will then continue the successes with many series including "Goyokiba" illustrated by Takeshi Kenda, "Samurai Executioner", again with Goseki Kojima, "Lady Snowblood" in 1972 or "Offered" Ryoichi Ikegami. In 1986, he created, still with Ryoichi Ikegami, "Crying Freeman", published in France and of which we know the Hollywood version. A multi-talented artist, he works for television, cinema, he will be the scriptwriter of the adaptations of his series on the screen. He also writes songs some of which are featured in the movie "Kill Bill". In 1977, he founded the Kazuo Koike Gekigason-Juku school which will count among its students, future talents such as Rumiko Takahashi. In addition to these activities as a screenwriter, in 1987 he found time to launch his own golf magazine, a sport he was passionate about, then, in 2004, the magazine "Jin" exclusively devoted to samurai manga. Finally, he was appointed in 2000, rector at Osaka University where he teaches literary art and figurative drawing. He also teaches at the Osaka College of Art.
Translated by Samson Sylvain
Illustrated by Kazuo Kamimura
Length 1388 pages

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