Ma Fabrique A Chocolat

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sold by Cité des sciences et de l'industrie Museum
Cité des sciences et de l'industrie


This creative laboratory will allow you to create delicious candies based on beef gelatin, without preservatives, and natural flavors.
With their multiple shapes and their delicious flavors, this box is a real invitation to greed. An educational game to awaken and delight the taste buds of the most gourmands, while creating up to 750 grams of candy.

Product information

Technical specification

Contents of the box :
4 natural flavors
1 jar of citrus acid
1 mold with 24 impressions
1 beaker
1 measuring spoon
4 pipettes
1 spatula
2 bags of 20 g of gelling agent
1 mixing jar
1 mini spoon
1 leaflet
Natural flavors contained in the box
Mandarin, wild strawberry, banana and lemon.
This set has been developed in compliance with the combined standards of the Toy and Food industries. It contains ingredients and formulas that are safe for children.
Gelatin : Beef gelatin.
Strawberry flavor: Water, Alcohol, Stabilizer: glycerol, Natural Strawberry flavor [Alcohol, Water, E1520, sugar syrup], Color: E124.
Banana flavor : Alcohol, Stabilizer : E1520, Natural Banana flavor [E1520, E1518], Water, Colouring : E102.
Flavor Mandarin : Alcohol, Stabilizer : E1520, Essential oil of red mandarin Italy, Water, coloring : E124, E110, E102.
Lemon Flavor: Alcohol, Stabilizer: E1520, Lemon essential oil, Water, coloring: E133, E102.
Acid of citrus fruit: acidi ant: E330.

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