Wool felt bowler hat - Traclet

A model made in France, in 100% wool felt, which will bring you elegance and presence in all circumstances, while protecting you from the cold of winter. The melon hat has an excellent quality-price ratio, as well as a beautiful quality of finesse and finish which will bring you a chic and elegant side in all circumstances!
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Sold by Carnavalet Museum
Musée Carnavalet Histoire de Paris


The bowler hat has become a cult form, particularly through Charlie Chaplin's comedies, but also in the cinema. It is an accessory that has helped create an identity for the characters, such as Laurel and Hardy, but also in Bowler Hat and Leather Boots with John Steed. Nowadays, this headgear is also worn very well by women and is becoming an accessory for fashionistas. The bowler hat, also known as the Derby hat in the USA. Made from 100% wool felt, it will help you to withstand the winter chill, while giving you a classy and distinguished touch in all circumstances. It has a large outer bead on the cap, tied on the side, giving it a chic and elegant look. In order to ensure the best comfort of use, this bowler hat has no lining but an internal fabric comfort band. A high quality hat made in France, which will be very elegant and distinguished during your outings.

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