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"My little ones, I have a riddle for you. What does everyone have at home in Afghanistan? - A Kalashnikov? - No, it's not! An everyday object, that even children use! - A Kalashnikov? - What the hell! You have to stop putting opium in your Nesquik for breakfast! "
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Short of inspiration and money, Nicolas Wild expatriates in 2005 for a contract abroad. To him the good life? Not sure, because he left for Afghanistan...
In Kabul, he discovers a country in reconstruction, but still in a latent war. In spite of the insecurity, he stays and the projects follow one another. If he starts with a comic strip about the Afghan constitution, he follows with a campaign for the army and then another one against opium.
Within the small communication company that employs him, there is no lack of ideological questions...

As in any autobiography, one becomes attached to the narrator and his adventures. In the case of Nicolas Wild, we often laugh, but we also discover with fright his Afghan daily life. The release of the complete two volumes of Kabul Disco is therefore good news, even more so when we discover that it is accompanied by a sequel, Kabul Requiem.
We meet Sean Langan, an English reporter kidnapped by the Taliban in 2008. Who could tell it better than Wild, in a story carried by Sean's strength and Anglo-Saxon humor?

What the publisher says .....

In 2005, Nicolas Wild, a cartoonist, finds both a squat and a job. Only it's a bit far away: in Kabul, in an Afghanistan still unstable after the war.
Here is this young carefree man transported in a capital in crisis, charged to draw an adaptation of the Afghan constitution, then to work on a communication campaign for the fight against opium.

This complete work contains :
- Volume 1: How I didn't get kidnapped in Afghanistan
- Volume 2 : How I didn't become an opium addict in Afghanistan

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Author : Nicolas Wild
Publisher: La Boîte à Bulles
Collection : Contre-coeur
Series : Disco Kabul
Language : French
Format : Album
Presentation : Hardback
Main support : Large format
Weight : 883 g
16,5 × 24 × 2,7 cm
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