The great book of French cooking - Bourgeois and popular recipes

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Bringing together the great classic recipes of French culinary heritage, Le Grand Livre de la cuisine française, recettes bourgeoises et populaires is a bible of nearly 1,000 recipes that will quickly become a reference and an essential in your kitchen.
From the most basic preparations such as vinaigrette, beurre blanc or mayonnaise, to the most elaborate dishes such as Sole meunière, Terrine de lapin en gelée or Côtelettes d'agneau Champvallon, and even forgotten ones such as Darne de saumon sauvage au chou, Jean-François Piège offers, through these recipes inspired by the history and the territory, a book combining both techniques and recipes emblematic of traditional French cuisine.
Auguste Escoffier said: "Good cooking is the basis of true happiness.
The Chef's ambition is still the same: to transmit, on all occasions, the desire to please through French cuisine. Forget minimalist plates and raw products cooked in four different ways, we are witnessing the return of great French cuisine. A classic, hearty cuisine, sometimes outdated and forgotten, but which is coming back in force, around generous dishes and modernized by daring chefs, such as Jean-François Piège.
This cuisine is coming back adorned with a thousand virtues: nourishing, convivial and even responsible !

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Author : Jean-François Piège
Photographers : Charly Deslandes, Nicolas Lobbestaël
Illustrator : Michel Tavares
Format : Large format
Presentation : Hardcover
Language : French
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