Los Taburetes Game

The game of Los Taburetes is inspired by the way a tree grows its branches. The growth pattern of each tree is determined by its overall need for balance and light, resulting in an absolutely unique shape.
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When playing this game, the trick is to achieve a stacking process that mimics the tree's organic growth. The little stools need be piled up to form a solid spine, or tree trunk, in order for the "treetop" to spread out as much as it can, reaching upward but not losing its balance. The result is always different, yet always harmonious. Pico Pao (which means woodpecker in Spanish) is an artisan wood workshop that's nestled in the Spanish mountain village Lubián. The building was once the home of a single mother with six children. These children, and the industriousness and ingenuity they brought to their play, is the inspiration behind many of Pico Pao's games. A member of the Pico Pao studio was featured in MoMA's 2011 exhibition Talk to Me.

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The box contains 12 stools. No assembly required. Ages 8+.
Size :
Stool : 2.36h x 1.57"diam. Case: 2.75h x 13.42w x 4.37"d