The Body of Women

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Since prehistoric times, with the appearance of the venus hottentotes, the woman has been the center and the support of all fantasies. Goddess or whore, virgin or witch, virago or odalisque, she has been staged, lit, overexposed: her body, all parts of her body, and her face, through an essentially male gaze. The first part of this book La femme regardée goes up to the moment when Courbet and Manet will revolutionize the glance, the second Les femmes qui nous regardent up to the Sixties and the third Ces femmes qui se regardent begins with the Seventies, when a major revolution took place for the women artists who henceforth represent themselves.
It is thus also to a history of the evolution of the status of the woman that this book invites, as a journey to the Land of sexual and political emancipation, from Camille Claudel to Louise Bourgeois, and from Frida Kahlo to Cindy Sherman. "I AM A WOMAN. EVERY ARTIST IS A WOMAN. PICASSO

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