L'or vert

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sold by Cité des sciences et de l'industrie Museum
Cité des sciences et de l'industrie


When plants inspire innovation. Our view of plants has changed since it has been shown that they are sensitive, capable of memorization, of acute knowledge of their environment and of recognizing their relatives. Although plants have neither brains nor muscles, and are unable to move around, they have survived for more than a billion years thanks to numerous properties that give them remarkable adaptive capacities.
These creatures have contributed to scientific progress in fields as diverse as industry, medicine, architecture, design, computer science and robotics. For by drawing inspiration from plants, we can invent extraordinarily effective adhesives; fight against certain pests such as bedbugs; protect ourselves from water... or store it; capture solar or wind energy efficiently; recycle CO2; fight against bacteria without antibiotics; manufacture botanical surgical implants...
With a lively and alert pen, the authors take us on a journey to discover the secrets of green gold and the latest innovations.

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Book in french
Authors : Agnès Guillot et Jean-Arcady Meyer
Publisher : CNRS

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