Totem vase #2 Plum
Totem vase #2 Plum

Totem vase #2 Plum

Artist: Marie-Victoire Winckler
Color: Plum

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In Mai 2016, Marie-Victoire Winckler travels to Tunisia on the footsteps of her grandmother who grew up and lived in Tunis until she died. Looking into her family history, she also becomes familiar with traditional Tunisian craft.

In Tunis, she meets Lamia Bous Nina, director of the Musk and Amber Gallery. They decide to work together on an a series of objects rooted in traditional Tunisian craftsmanship, enhancing local techniques through a modern design combining different crafts.
While researching local know-how, she comes across textured blown glass and decides to combine it with traditional ceramic.
From this search came a series of vases, using glass as a sort of textile contouring the vase like a light dress, and adding an element of ceramic as a decorative accessory.
The interest of this glass is first of all it's ambiguity, between fabric and marble, between something hard and something soft, but also to be a material that lives differently depending on the hour you look at it: somme times translucide sometime opaque.

Decoration, Vases, MUSEES, MAD - Musée des Arts Décoratifs - 107 Rivoli

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