Ma Petite Galaxie

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sold by Cité des sciences et de l'industrie


Children will finally be able to travel into outer space without leaving their room! With this kit they will mould their own phosphorescent galaxy before sticking it to their walls! A creative way for them to always fall asleep under their lucky star.

Popsine is a new revolutionnary, 100% natural and reusable moulding material, perfect to create wonderful figurines. This subsitute for traditional molding materials, such as plaster, has numerous advantages.

Ecological : 100% natural and recyclable
Eco friendly : Can be remelted and remoulded
Easy to use : Melts in 2-3min in the microwave oven
Clean : No need to add water or to touch the melted Popsine
Pigmented : Comes in numerous colours that can be mixed to obtain infinite tones.
Glossy : Smooth finish

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