The Secret of the Ocean: The Great Discovery of Marie Tharp - Jess Keating, Katie Hickey

The story of Marie Tharp, an American geologist, cartographer and oceanographer who discovered the existence of oceanic ridges and thus revolutionized geological knowledge. Born in 1920, she overcame all the obstacles placed in the way of women to pursue her passion for science.
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The ocean stretched out before her like an immense blue mystery... From a very young age, Marie dreamed of exploring the world. But in her time, there were many things that women were not supposed to do... Fortunately, Marie wasn't afraid to push back against the odds! Meet Marie Tharp, the first person to map the ocean floor... and who discovered the oceans' greatest secret! With a full biography at the end of the story and Q&A for further reading.

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Authors: Jess Keating, Katie Hickey
Publisher : Kimane
Readership: 3/6 years
Format : Album
Presentation : Hardback
Support : Large format
Language : French
Weight : 334 g
23,5 × 26,1 × 0,9 cm
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