The Sailor of Gibraltar - Marguerite Duras

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A man who wants to change his life joins a ship. On this boat there is a woman who runs the world in search of the sailor of Gibraltar whom she loved and who disappeared. Love is born between the man who wants to change his life and the woman who is looking for the sailor of Gibraltar. Together, they will scrupulously search for this missing sailor. If they find him it will be the end of their love. A strange contradiction. From Sète to Tangier, from Tangier to Abidjan, and from Abidjan to Leopoldville, their search continues.

Biography of Marguerite Duras :

Born in 1914 near Saigon (Cochinchina) to a mother who was a schoolteacher and a father who was a mathematics teacher, Marguerite Donnadieu settled permanently in France in 1932. She married Robert Antelme in 1939, and published her first novel (Les Impudents), under the pseudonym Marguerite Duras, in 1943. Resistance fighter during the war, communist until 1950, having actively participated in May 68, Marguerite Duras has developed a considerable protean writing (cinema, theater, press articles, novels and stories). She died on March 3, 1996 in Paris.

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Author(s) : Marguerite Duras
Collection: Folio
Publisher: Gallimard
Language: French
Format : Pocket
Presentation : Paperback
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