L'incroyable destin de Stephen Hawking qui perça les mystères de l'Univers

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sold by Cité des sciences et de l'industrie Museum
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A small novel divided into 5 chapters: - Born under a lucky star, in a scientific family - The discovery of his illness: he is given two years of life expectancy - Hawking develops theories on black holes. He started a family. - Faced with the disease which weakens him and deprived of speech, Stephen who became a researcher at the University of California, finds the strength to embark on an exceptional project: the writing of a Brief History of Time.
- He becomes an emblematic figure of astrophysics. Leave your scientific will for generations to come. Documentary pages: - The great physicists from Copernicus to Einstein - The big bang: what is it? What traces do we have of it? - Black holes: light vacuum cleaners. News of the black hole photographed. A brief history of time: the flagship book by S. Hawking - What the future holds: S.'s predictions
Hawking: Artificial intelligence; extraterrestrials; climate deregulation ; space exploration

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Authors : Samir Senoussi, Alexandre Franc

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