The painters of the Mediterranean

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From the 1880s, many artists discovered the Mediterranean. Azure beaches, the sea and the sky of an infinite blue, the serene beauty of the vegetation... So many enchanting landscapes that leave them under the spell. Cézanne and Manet chose L'Estaque, Signac put down his brushes in Saint-Tropez, Matisse and Derain in Collioure, Picasso settled in Antibes. From the Impressionists to the Fauves, these artists developed a new conception of light and color, overturning their palette and creating new harmonies of pink, yellow, blue and ochre.
Through their eyes, the Mediterranean became a new image of happiness and the place of intense artistic experimentation. This magnificently illustrated book offers an enchanted walk along the Mediterranean coast to discover unique colorists and masterful works as luminous as they are colorful and shimmering, through which the modernity of painting is invented.

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