Wild stones

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"My anxiety equals my impatience. I feel a doubt, creation is like a miracle, and doubt is a consequence of the uncertainty of the miracle." A monk builder is in charge of the construction of the abbey of Thoronet. A work that he wants to be pure, true, real. Day after day, he describes the life of the construction site between exhausting work and iron discipline, the technical difficulties, the slow march towards the construction of the holy place. Doubts beset the architect. In order to achieve the masterpiece distinguished among a thousand, it is necessary to combine the experience of the profession and the spontaneity of art, to tame the unknown. Creation is, first of all, an act of faith.

Fernand Pouillon (1912-1986) designed numerous public buildings and facilities in France, Algeria and Iran during his impressive career as an architect. He wrote Les Pierres sauvages in prison, wrongly convicted of embezzlement.

"Has it ever been better described what drives architects when they practice their art?

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