Eiffel Tower For all admirers of the Iron Lady
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Visit one of the new bookshops - gift shops of the Eiffel Tower and you will no longer see it in the same way. Now, no less than eight retail areas mark out your visit. Each time, the experience is different, the Eiffel Tower is enhanced in an original manner. At the Kiosque on the forecourt you prepare your visit thanks to guides and youth kits. Or you finish it with exclusive souvenirs: mini reproductions, embroidered sweat shirts… On the 1st floor you have access to the best of French creation (tableware, perfume, beautiful books), to treat yourself or someone with a nice gift in the spirit of Paris. On the 2nd floor, you find objects inspired by everything that constitutes the Tower, rivets, paint, lace, metal. A third gift shop offers items in the shape of the Eiffel Tower: eraser, cake tin, jewellery… Souvenir of a visit, historical gift, rare or unusual product… All the objects tell the story of the Eiffel Tower and even more: it is now possible to leave with… a piece of the Tower: one if its twinkling light bulbs, recovered and assembled, numbered. Unique.

Champ de Mars
5 Avenue Anatole France - 75007

Discover the official store for the 130th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower