Musée Carnavalet Histoire de Paris Musée de l'histoire de Paris
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The bookshop-boutique of the Carnavalet Museum - History of Paris, is also reopening its doors to offer Parisians and visitors to the museum a selection of books and products that are cutting-edge, educational, creative, and regularly renewed throughout the seasons, allowing them to appropriate the history of Paris, the museum's collections and Parisian creation. With the ambition of becoming the reference bookshop on Paris and its history, this unique place - conceived as a reflection of the museum's extensive collections, its architecture, its history and its emblematic figures - offers a range of products tailored to each individual: the first-time visitor in search of an exclusive souvenir, the collector in search of a rare object, the history lover in search of a new book, or even the younger generation who are keen to discover a city that makes the world dream.

23 Rue de Sévigné, 75003 Paris